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Debt Advisory

With our extensive experience of banking and alternative lending markets, we can assist in negotiating and raising new finance.

Selling your business

For some business owners, the ongoing global crisis has put the decision to sell their business on hold.

Employer PAYE obligations in relation to short term business visitors to Ireland

This article provides an overview of a foreign employer’s Irish PAYE withholding obligations.

Going Concern – To trade or not to trade

The impact of COVID 19 has, and will continue to have for the foreseeable future, a fundamental impact on Irish business.

Over 1,000 insolvent liquidations forecast; Sunday Business Independent June 21st 2020

There are likely to be more than 1,000 liquidations of insolvent companies this year, compared with 426 in 2019.

Schemes of arrangement

Companies Act 2014 provides two alternative restructuring mechanisms that are both less complicated and less costly.

VAT on Leasing Transactions; A cost that can be avoided

Various lease transactions can give rise to VAT considerations for the landlord and also the tenant.

How to stream-line the process to get your financial information up to date

With the Covid 19 travel restrictions and with most of our team working from home, some clients have asked how we are currently providing our usual services.

The importance of up to date financial data for your business

The current pandemic is an opportunity for business owners to critically examine how they maintain their financial records.

Our New Normal in Financial Reporting

This “New Normal’ article offers some insight into how the great challenge of COVID 19 impacts on financial reporting
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