REMINDER: Annual Return Filing Deadline – 9 December 2021

The annual return filing deadline for many Irish companies who have 31 December as their financial year-end date, is fast approaching on 9 December 2021.  

Failure to file an annual return on time will have consequences and result in significant expenses for a company.

Annual Return Date of 30 September

Irish companies with an Annual Return Date (ARD) of 30 September 2021 are required to file their annual return not later than 9 December 2021 to avoid late filing penalties.

It is of upmost importance that companies file their annual compliance documents with the Companies Registration Office (CRO) in good time to avoid any late filing penalties.

Late Filing Penalties

Failure to file an annual return within the prescribed filing period can lead to undesirable consequences:

  • Late filing fee.  An initial fee of €100 will be due for payment on top of the €20 fee for filing of the Form B1.  The late filing penalty will accrue at a rate of €3 each day from the ARD, up to a maximum of €1,200 per return.

  • Where a company has a history of filing their annual compliance documents late, an on-the-spot fine, which can be up to €5,000, may be imposed by the CRO for persistent late filing.

  • Involuntary strike-off.  A company may be struck off for failure to file an annual return.

  • Loss of audit exemption.  Failure to file an annual return on time in the current year will result in loss of audit exemption for the next two years.