The Future Is Cloud

Have you been thinking about changing accounting software and moving everything into the cloud but wondering is it worth the hassle? Well, PKF can answer that question….YES, it is. Below are some of the benefits of moving your accounting online.

Full control of your finances from anywhere

You can access your accounts from anywhere at any time, from any device. You can create and send invoices from your mobile with the touch of a button.


cloud accounting

You are no longer tied to a desktop, where people have limited access. Your staff and/or accountant can work away from the comfort of their office or home and now, with data being digital too, there is no need for delivering invoices to your accountant. Everyone can work together in the same system.

Make informed decisions

Cloud accounting lets you keep your accounts up to date more easily and frees up time to discuss what really matters to your business and your accounts, allowing you to focus on decisions that need to be made instead of wasting time dealing with missing invoices and the likes.


Cloud accounting software tends to be cheaper than desktop versions. They have a small monthly fee but that is not the biggest saving! It is your time that is saved, time that can be given back to you to run your business and do what you do best.


The information is stored securely so no need for backups or worrying that your server may fail.

The mobile app makes light work of your expenses

You can track mileage and take pictures of your expenses which directly feed into your accounts package.

cloud accountingHelp save the environment

Invoices and bank statements can be saved directly to the cloud, eliminating the need to keep a paper version. Not only are you helping the environment, but you are also reclaiming storage space in your office. If you want to check previous invoices from a supplier to check prices, you can do so with ease instead of searching through piles of paperwork.

If you would like support running your business more efficiently and effectively, please get in touch with our Outsourcing Manager, Avril Shortt for a free consultation.