Audit & Assurance

Today’s global business and financial marketplace is dynamic and evolving, with agile and responsive businesses constantly adapting to this everchanging environment. Akin to this, stakeholders require greater assurance and value from the audit process to help inform decision-making. 

At PKF, we recognise that the nature of the audit and financial reporting services we provide to our clients must continue to evolve alongside this.

Delivering top-quality, on-time, cost effective assurance solutions for more than half a century.

Our reputation is built on the quality of the work we perform and the quality of the service we deliver. Our approach to quality assurance is designed not only to ensure compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements, but more importantly to look behind the numbers to consider what they mean for the business as a whole. We like to bring ideas to the table going beyond the technical issues to offer new solutions to problems, to simply make our client’s businesses’ better. 

In keeping with our values, our audit teams will invest time, effort, and skill to build insight and knowledge. We draw on our natural curiosity and experience to ask you the right questions to gain a deeper understanding of a situation to fully appreciate the underlying key issues early on. To identify business and financial reporting risks, we use data analytics throughout the audit process to tailor our approach to deliver a more relevant audit.

Our culture is built upon a genuine interest in our clients. We discover what is important to them and make it important to us – their challenges, growth, ambitions and the wider commercial context. Our clients get the attention they deserve from approachable, senior professionals who ask the right questions, listen, and provide real insight and a clear point of view. It is this approach that enables us to deliver a tailored, responsive audit process, specifically designed to address the unique challenges and risks of each client.   

We offer a genuinely collaborative approach that seeks to constantly build an ever-closer working relationship with our clients, ensuring a consistent service delivery, and creating the potential for long term continuity. Our commitment to the client experience is at the heart of everything we do to deliver a Best in Class service. Our people are open, accessible, and easy to work with, while at the same time accessible and very responsive. We work through the issues alongside you, always with an independent perspective and challenging where necessary. 

We have made significant investments in digital technology and innovation to equip our audit teams with the appropriate tools to deliver an audit experience that adds further value to our clients. This use of technology combined with the experience and expertise of our people reshapes how we look at an organization’s risks and opportunities. It enables us to uncover potential issues and provide greater insights and perspectives, which can lead to new ways of doing business and managing risk. 

Connecting clients to outstanding resources and representation wherever they are and wherever they want to grow.

Given the global reach of many of our clients, we utilise the strength and expertise of our PKF International network, one of the largest global networks of independent firms, to ensure that we can always meet the needs of our clients on a global scale.  

Our clients range from private, entrepreneurial companies, to public sector bodies and public private partnerships, through to multinational corporations across multiple locations. Our audit and assurance services comprise some of the following:  

  • Statutory audit 
  • Financial reporting advisory covering IFRS / FRS / US GAAP accounting frameworks 
  • Review of Internal Controls for process improvements
  • Accountants’ compilation reports for regulatory or contractual purposes 
  • Agreed Upon Procedures and Review Engagements
  • Regulatory agency reporting – Central Bank and Law society 
  • State agency grant support claims