Outsourced Payroll Services

Your Payroll, Our Expertise

PKF Payroll Services can provide a managed payroll service that is professional, reliable and cost-effective. More and more companies are realising that it makes commercial sense to outsource their payroll function. Not only does it remove the responsibility of running a payroll, with all the respective costs, but it also allows valuable resources to be directed towards more productive and profitable tasks.

The Managed Payroll Service from PKF is a service whereby we effectively become your payroll department. Our clients opt for this service as it allows them to focus on their core business while we take care of their payroll.

PKF Payroll Services provide all the control and security of an in-house payroll function but with all the flexibility of a managed service that is cost-effective. Payroll is a critical function for the smooth running of any business. Staff must be paid on time, and PKF Payroll ensures that your payroll needs are met on time, every time.

Managed Payroll Service – What’s included?

  • Set up of employees on our system with all personal details, tax details and bank details to ensure accurate legislative payments.
  • Payment of salaries – All weekly, fortnightly, monthly, 4 weekly, quarterly & annual salaries are calculated, approved by the client, and PKF transfer all payments to employees into their bank accounts by Electronic Fund Transfer.
  • Payment of PAYE/PRSI – All PAYE/PRSI deductions made from employees and remitted to the Revenue on behalf of the employer via monthly P30 return.
  • Payment of Non-Statutory Deductions – We will calculate all non-statutory deductions such as health insurance, pension, BIK, union subs etc. and remit to the relevant 3rd party, as required.
  • Payslips provided by on-line portal or by automated e-mail.
  • Incorporate company expenses payments into your payroll.
  • Query support on all payroll related queries.
  • External Inspection Support with inspections from external agencies, for example, WRC’s Inspection Services (formerly NERA).
  • CSO EHECS Returns can be prepared and submitted online.
  • Full range of reports included or bespoke as required.
  • ROS submissions for all payroll periods to comply with PAYE Modernisation.

Benefits to you

  • Cost Savings and Increased Efficiency – The most obvious and real benefits relate to the cost-saving that outsourcing brings. Our payroll service also brings to you the benefits of industry best practice which leads to efficiency in the process and thereby contributes to the bottom line of your company.
  • Access to skilled resources – When payroll is managed internally, a company is exposed to the risk of losing a key member of staff, either permanently or temporarily. With PKF your company is assigned a dedicated skilled payroll professional, with backup cover for holidays and absences.
  • Peace of Mind – By choosing PKF you can turn your attention to the parts of your business you wish to focus on more closely, safe in the knowledge that your payroll is being handled by the experts. Removing payroll from the business and placing it with PKF Payroll specialists, increases data confidentiality. Confidentiality is our number one priority.

Our goal is to provide our clients with quality services and solutions, and to provide these more efficiently and economically than anybody else.

PKF Payroll Services General Manager – Audrey Curran

PKF O’Connor Leddy & Holmes Limited are delighted to announce that PKF Payroll Services have achieved the All-Ireland Business Foundation All-Star Accreditation Certificate for the second year running. Well done to Audrey Curran and the team for accomplishing this outstanding achievement, recognising their continued hard work and dedication in providing a best in class service to their clients.