Valuations provide an important insight for companies at critical points in their life cycle – from financial reporting to introducing employee incentives, from planning an acquisition or a sale  to securing additional funding  or from forming a joint venture to the exit of a major shareholder, either amicably or in dispute. Our specialists provide trusted, independent valuations in all of these situations. 

We are known for helping businesses identify and value intangible assets. We work closely with venture capital, private equity and family offices during their evaluation of investments. Additionally, we provide entrepreneurs with valuations for transactions that may have tax consequences, such as share buy backs, tax advantaged share arrangements (CSOP & EMI), intellectual property transfers and restructuring transactions.

This is how we assist our clients:

Commercial valuations

We undertake valuations for exiting shareholders of a business – amicably or in dispute i.e. divorce, transaction pricing for either a sale or acquisition, articles valuations, Section 593 reports and fairness opinions.

We will work closely with you to ensure we gain a full understanding of the key drivers of the business, the associated risks, both internally and externally, and the best opportunities available. Combining this understanding with our international network allow us to deliver a thorough valuation using the most relevant market data available.

We apply the most dependable valuation methodologies such as the Income and Market-based approaches which are widely recognised  as the fundamentals for ensuring an accurate valuation. Our rigorous approach means that we always seek to use a number of valuation techniques to challenge the primary valuation methodology selected for the business and ensure the outcomes are fully supportable and of the highest quality.

We work closely with our Capital Markets and Transaction Advisory specialists to allow full value insight into any transaction that our clients are negotiating or executing.

Tax Valuations

We provide valuations for employee incentive share schemes including EMI, CSOP, growth shares, market value of assets for CGT or IHT purposes, share gifts, transfer pricing, transfer of intellectual property and restructuring. The involvement of our tax specialists ensures that you understand any tax consequences early on.

Our valuations are prepared for both tax authorities within the Irish  jurisdiction and outside of it,  we draw on the expertise of our international network to give full insight into these jurisdictions. We have experience in successfully negotiating with the tax authorities on more complex matters.

Where valuations are not required to be submitted to Revenue for approval, we ensure you have a fully supportable valuation in case of a future Revenue enquiry.

We also work with private equity and venture capital to assist with valuing unquoted investments. These can be challenging but our experts have the experience to ensure a supportable opinion is provided on the value you need.

Independent Expert Reports

Our team has extensive experience in providing independent expert reports for companies in a wide range of sectors.

PKF Corporate Finance assists with the preparation of independent expert reports (IERs) to ensure that a transaction is fair and reasonable with respect to the shareholders that are not associated with the transactions.

Financial Reporting Valuations

We provide timely valuations of intangible assets, purchase price allocation, impairment reviews and net asset value (NAV) to meet your reporting needs.

We can work with you to prepare independent valuations for reporting purposes under both IFRS and FRS102. This can include the fair valuing of individual assets and employee share options to providing support for impairment reviews and calculations of suitable discount rates.

Our Services

Our team members have extensive experience in providing Independent Expert Reports for a wide range of transactions across many industries.

We have prepared reports with respect to:

Our Approach

Our IERs provide impartial and credible advice to shareholders. Reports are presented clearly and concisely, containing:

  • A summary of the proposed transaction
  • A statement of the purpose and objectives of the report, including a discussion on the presented opinion
  • Analysis of the businesses involved  
  • A description of the relevant industries
  • Detailed analysis of the proposed transaction, usually including a valuation of one or more entities
  • An opinion on whether a transaction is fair and reasonable and in the best interests of shareholders.